Maybe unconventional, but I always think in this picture as a good image of what home is for me. Warm and welcoming, it also looks like a roof to be under…

In the western culture, home is a well-defined and usually closed area. By contrast in Africa, is never clear when you are inside or outside a house. Life has a tendency to go beyond any imposed limits.

Home is where you are accepted by others, regardless how different you feel from the rest.

I always liked the silent and quiet baobabs. According to an African legend, God decided to punish their arrogance and planted them upside down.

Home is where you find somebody else hand’s. At the beginning or end of our journey.

I like trees and how you always find people sit under their shade. A home for everybody who wants to have a brief chat or just rest in the walk back home.

Who would be able to make any difference between this image and other showing a different group of children playing?. However, their comet is a plastic bag and the playground a huge dump.

A video with another HOPEHIV project in Durban, South Africa